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How Many Supervisors Have This?


John Redding

MARCH 29, 2022

JOSEPH TURRI answers None and None to his own question: How many of our Supervisors have demonstrated the ability to make sound financial judgments that resulted in the actual production of a usable and self sustaining (financially) product or service? How many have the education or proven ability to comprehend the issues they are presented with daily as a Supervisor?

When I am elected Supervisor the answer will be — one.

I have 40 years of business experience, an MBA, three startups on my resume, and have been Treasurer of the Mendocino Coast District Hospital for three years and four months. When I took office, the District was on the verge of bankruptcy with way too much long term debt. In one sentence, this is what I have accomplished: “So, by 2030 — when we will need to have a new facility — the District will have $25M saved away and not a penny of debt!”

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John Redding

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